The app will allow you to remotely administer a JBoss 7, WildFly or JBoss EAP server using the server's exposed http management interface.

The application supports the following features:
- Subsystem Metrics Monitoring
The metrics currently exposed are for Configuration, JVM, Data Sources, JMS Destinations, Transactions and Web subsystems (similar to those shown in the JBoss built-in web console).
- Deployments Management
You can upload an artifact (installed on your phone) and then enable/disable it on the server.
- Browse the management tree
The whole management tree is exposed for you to configure, similar to the JBoss-cli {-gui} tool provided by the server. You can easily modify attributes and execute operations. Documentation of attributes and operation parameters is easily accessed for you to refer.

Note that both operating modes (Standalone/Domain) of the server are supported. If running in "Domain" mode, you can easily switch the server you want to monitor its metrics, as well as manage deployments on each individual server-group.

For instructions on how to setup JBoss Tools to allow connections from the app, click here for the details (thanks Max!)

Click here to watch a video demonstrating the app in "action" on an iPhone or here for Android.

The projects are hosted at GitHub. Click here for iPhone or here for Android.

I would love to hear any comments of yours, so please drop me an email!